The subject of “aging” newly-built guitars has become somewhat of a controversial subject. Some love it, some can’t wrap their heads around the concept and some even think its embarrassing. I have to admit that I both love the process and art of aging guitars, as well as the result. For many owners, it’s an ice-breaker that helps them grab the guitar without fear of putting the first scratch or mark in their new baby. iF you’re interested in having your Riggio Custom Guitar aged, you have the choice of the severity of the process. Everything from mild checking to extreme wear is possible.

I have very specific intentions when I perform this process. It must look realistic and not contrived. I will never simply take sander to it and call it good. I use various methods and tools to replicate actual wear patterns, real lacquer checking, scratches, dings and accidents.

One thing you will not see is parts that have been oxidized, to the point of uselessness. High performance will always win over looks.



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