I personally finish every Riggio Custom Guitar, using nitrocellulose lacquer. The thinnest application possible insures that the body and neck are allowed to resonate to their potential. I also mix my own color formulas, so almost anything is possible, from authentic vintage colors and sunbursts to your personal favorite.  Vintage colors are available with or without aging toner in the clear coats. These aging toners will make a new finish look more like the vintage version you might expect.

Necks are available in 3 different finishes:

  • Traditional Gloss – polished lacquer
  • Satin – Slightly dull, slick feel
  • Hand-Rubbed – Gun oil finish, works well with aged body finish and fading into gloss headstock and heel

Aging toners are also available on necks to give that warm vintage look.

I have personally formulated my aging toner to look realistic and not like others you may have seen.


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